B & C Fire Engineering Ltd is a level 4 FIRAS Certificated Sprinkler Installer. Authorised to design, install and certificate automatic sprinkler installations conforming to the LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations Incorporating BS EN 12845 & BS 9251.

We have been satisfactorily assessed and certificated to BS ISO9001.

Our Design Team are fully experienced in the designing and installation of fire suppression systems to also meet the standards of the National Fire Protection Standards (NFPA) & Factory Mutual Global (FMG) codes.

We produce 3D models of the fire suppression systems in line with BIM requirements.

AutoSPRINK 2018

We use the latest BIM compatible 3D design software.

AutoSPRINK® VR 2018 is stand-alone Fire Protection software for the Microsoft® Windows family of operating systems. This powerful software from MEPCAD, Inc. signals a revolutionary approach to fire sprinkler systems. Based on a myriad of new concepts, ideas and composition methods, AutoSPRINK® VR is causing designers to rethink the possibilities of fire sprinkler systems.

Performs hydraulic calculations in seconds. Finds worst-case remote areas with live results. Instantly see the effects of pipe size changes.

AutoSPRINK even calculates in real time through pipe in externally referenced files!

With the introduction of AutoSPRINK® VR, BIM sprinkler system design has finally achieved its potential. The tool for the 21st century is available now. This is the future of BIM.