Commercial Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems to BS EN 12845 are designed to extinguish or at least control fires in the early stages of development. In essence a sprinkler system is a network of pipes fed by a water supply via a set of control valves. Sprinkler heads are fitted at specific locations throughout the building and these temperature operated devices discharge water onto fires in specially designed spray patterns. The systems are fitted with alarms, visual and audible, which will be triggered when there is a flow of water in the pipework.

For sprinklers to operate successfully the systems need to be designed, installed and maintained to a high standard. The systems may not be required to operate for many years, but always need to be ready to do so.

Common Types of System

Wet - These system are charged with water at all times, and are the most commonly used.

Dry - These are most commonly used for applications where there is a danger of the water in the pipework freezing.

Pre-Action - This is a dry-pipe system, which is linked to automatic fire detection system protecting the same area. this is generally used in areas which could be damaged by water, such as electrical rooms.

Mist - We design, supply, install, test & commission water mist systems to
BS 8489:2016 - Industrial and commercial water mist systems.